Unable to group reports by custom field

User wants to generate a report (say Project List) grouped by a custom field.

As of now, grouping by custom fields is not available for reports. However, you can use classes to achieve such a grouping. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Create classes for your projects in Settings > Display & Formatting > Classes. You need to create as many classes as you have unique values for the custom field. Check CORE Help Center for details.
  2. Assign classes to your projects based on the value of the custom field they have in the Projects > Settings > Billing Options screen under Accounts & Class.
  3. Now go to the Report Center screen and run the Project List report.
  4. On the Customize Report dialog, select the filters as needed and then go to the Options tab.
  5. Select Class under Group By and click Continue.

CORE generates the desired report grouped by class. You can also contact our Report Customization Team at customreports@bqe.com to get a new custom report created with your exact requirements.

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