A/P totals do not match

A/P Aging report in CORE as of, say, 8/31/2024 shows a total that is not equal to the Accounts Payable balance on the Balance Sheet. However, if you run the same reports as of today, the totals do match. Why does this happen?

We suggest using the A/P Aging with Credits report instead of the standard A/P Aging report because the latter does not reflect vendor credits, causing the balances not to match. If you run the Balance Sheet report as of 8/31/2024 and A/R Aging with Credits report as of the transaction date 8/31/2024, it will match to the dot.

If you need a summarized version of this report, then BQE Custom Reports Team (customreports@bqe.com) can customize this for your company at a nominal fee. 

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