Different charge amount for vendor bill item

User is unsure why the charge amount for a service or an expense on a vendor bill is different from the charge amount for the same item on the entry screen.

With vendor-related time and expense entries, the bill rate is determined by either the rate found on a fee schedule for a project or from the vendor record. This is by design, with the logic being that what you are paying your vendors for their work does not have any bearing on what you charge your clients. Though the amount could potentially be the same, there is no guarantee that it will be. If you want to ensure that the charge amount is the same on a vendor bill as it is on the time or expense entry screen, create the time and expense entries first. When creating the vendor bill after this, CORE prompts you to review them. After selecting Yes, CORE adds line items to the vendor bill, which represents the entries and includes the bill rates from those entries.  

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