Billing analysis report not grouping by project group

While running the Billing Analysis report, the user noticed that the report is not grouping by all project groups and instead only groups by the built-in group, All Projects.

A project can have more than one group and among these groups, one group is set as the default group. Usually, the default group is All Projects. In this case, it seems the projects are assigned to multiple groups, but the default group for all of them is set as All Projects. So when running the Billing Analysis report (Group by Project Group), CORE only groups the data by the default project group (All Projects). However, you can change the default group as per your need and set another assigned group as the default group for a project. CORE then groups the data by that default group.

As an example, let's say a user has a Project:19-002 - MCM Model Home. 

The phases of this project have two groups assigned, All Projects and Ins-HSB-Single Family Residential. The default group assigned is All Projects

You can go to Projects > Group > Assign Group to change the default group.


CORE then groups the data from this project under the new default group (Ins-HSB-Single Family Residential). Check CORE Help for details on groups.

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