Assigning entries to separate phase

User has a project phase that is over-budget and wants to move its time and expense entries to a separate phase.

This can be done using the Batch Update feature. On the Time & Expense Reviewer screen, select the entries you want to move and click Actions > Batch Update. Select the new Project ID you want to move the entries to and check the box acknowledging the change in records before clicking Update. 

Another option is to filter for entries where the Billable flag is False. This most likely occurs as CORE marked the entries that went over the contract amount as non-billable. Select these entries and perform a batch update, setting the Extra flag to True and save. Select these entries again for a second batch update, setting the Billable flag to True. The purpose of the Extra flag is to designate services and expenses that are not included in the contract amount, allowing them to be billed in addition to the contract amount.  

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