Net Bill is higher than contract amount for fixed projects

User is billing a fixed type project, but the Net Bill is higher than its contract amount. How to ensure that the contract amount is not exceeded on a project?

The Net Bill value in the Create Batch Invoice screen is the sum of approved billable but unbilled time and expenses logged on a project. Normally, when the total amount from time and expense entries that are part of the contract amount (non-extra entries) reaches the contract amount for a fixed type project, Core changes any new non-extra entries to non-billable by default, provided there are no project rules set that cause Core to skip this evaluation against the contract amount.

However, you can always mark the new entries as billable manually or as Extra so that the evaluation against the contract amount is not triggered. These entries can cause the total billable amount on the project to exceed the contract amount. You can even change the Net Bill amount to a value that is higher than the contract amount. To impose a stricter limit on the contract amount, you can use the project rule Prevent time and expense entry after reaching contract amount. Note that you can still create non-billable and extra entries when this rule is active as they are not considered part of the contract. It only prevents you from creating billable non-extra entries. Moreover, you can still change the Net Bill manually. Check the Core Help for details on the project rule.

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