Cannot find payment to deposit

User recorded a payment on some invoices and wanted to deposit it to the bank account, but cannot find it under the Existing Client Payments tab in the Add Deposit screen.

This can happen if you created a payment of type Write-Off or Credit. These payment types are used to write-off invoices or offer discounts on them, so they do not create new funds for deposit. They are logged against an expense account rather than the Undeposited Funds account and credit the A/R. Similarly, using the Debit payment type does not create any new funds for deposit. It is used to increase the outstanding amount on invoices and records as a negative payment. It is logged against an income account and debits the A/R. Check CORE Help Center for details.

This can also happen if you create a payment of type Use Retainer. As you are using a retainer to pay off invoices, no new funds are created and only the payment received when creating the retainer is available for deposit. When you accept a payment as a retainer, it credits the Customer Deposits/Retainers account, and debits the Undeposited Funds account, thereby creating new funds for deposit, but when you create a payment of type Use Retainer, it debits the Customer Deposits/Retainers account, and credits the A/R account, thereby decreasing the A/R, but not creating any new funds. Check CORE Help Center for details on recording retainer payments and applying them to invoices.

If you think your payment should show up for deposit and and you have set the payment type as one of these four in error, you should update the payment type to something other than these by changing the Payment Method field in the Edit Payment screen. 


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