Customizing invoice templates

CORE allows you to edit the invoice templates and save your own custom templates in Settings > Billing & Invoices. You can change or customize the appearance, layout, margins, layout, etc. CORE offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to what you can display on your invoices. Check CORE Help for details

As an example, if you do not want to show employees on invoices, you can do that by editing the relevant invoice template in Billing & Invoices > Invoice Templates. Click Detail for the invoice template and in the Edit Template screen > Layout, select the option Summarized for Time Details and Expense Details. If you have many time and expense line items on your invoice, CORE might display the invoice on multiple pages. If you do not want this to happen and would rather have your invoices limited to one page, consider summarizes the line items as well. Save the changes and CORE prompts you to save it as a new template. Then change the invoice template to the new one under Template Assignments. The invoices now display only summarized time and expenses and without the employee names.

When using the summary option, you can also turn off the descriptions. This is helpful especially when you want to exclude proprietary descriptions. For example, when billing for project phases, you can summarize the work being performed on them rather than listing the details. 

Note: When you choose the summary option for time and expense details under Layout, the Cover Sheet option gets disabled. 

You can also change the font of a default invoice template here. On the Edit Templates > Appearance tab, make changes to the font and font sizes. Save the changes; you are prompted to create a duplicate template. Check CORE Help Center for details.

When you save your custom template, it displays in the Invoice Templates list. You can preview or delete the template using the row-action menu. Note that you cannot delete the default templates in the list.

Even with so many invoice templates and options, you might need something specific or unique. Our Report Customization Team can build you anything from a variation on a template to an entirely new report or invoice. Please contact our Report Customization Team to explain your requirements and get a quote on it.

Note: As of now, you cannot edit the retainer invoice template and it has a fixed appearance. However, you can get a custom one made by our Report Customization Team.

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