Can't rename scheduled report group

As of now, you cannot rename the group under which the scheduled reports appear in the Reports > Scheduled screen. You need to recreate the group with the new name and delete the reports under the original group. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. On the Reports > Standard screen, schedule one of the reports that is part of the original group by clicking on its drop-down arrow and selecting Schedule. Check CORE Help Center for details on scheduling reports.
  2. On the Schedule Report dialog > Group, select Create from Existing Group and under Select, use the original group. CORE copies all the schedule settings from the original group. You only need to specify the new name in Group Name.
  3. Click on Schedule. CORE creates the new group with the settings of the original group.
  4. Now add other reports that are part of the original group to the new group by scheduling them one by one and using the option Choose from Existing Group. The new group now has all the reports from the original group and all its schedule settings.
  5. Delete the original group by selecting all the reports under it and clicking Actions > Delete.
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