Inaccurate balance in the Contract Analysis report

User is trying to run the Contract Analysis report in CORE for a project, but noticed that it does not include direct expenses when determining the total amount billed, leading to inaccurate balance amount. Also, what is the purpose of the date range and As Of date on the report?

CORE marks the billable expenses as Extra by default so they are not included in the contract amount unless the project rule Include billable expenses in the contract amount is set. In that case, the expenses are not marked as Extra. It seems that this rule is not set for the project, so CORE marks your expenses as Extra and they are not included in the Contract Analysis report. You should set this rule for the project and also batch update your existing expenses to set their Extra flag to False. Your expenses are now part of the contract and will show up on the report. Check CORE Help Center for details on the project rule and Batch updating expense entries.

For the columns under the date range on the report, CORE only includes the data from the date range (Date From and Date To) specified under Set Filters when running the report, while as for the columns under the As Of date (which is the 'Date To' from Options by default), CORE includes data from all dates on or before the As Of date. This allows you to see the progress on the contract in the date range of interest while showing the overall progress on the project (As Of date).


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