Entering vendor bills not related to projects

User wants to enter a vendor bill for items that are not related to any project, say, stationary purchases, electric bills, etc. However, when creating a vendor bill, it asks for a project.

You can post such items directly to the accounts instead of projects in the Vendor Bills screen. To do so: 

  1. On the Create Vendor Bill screen, go to the Accounts sub-tab instead of the default Items sub-tab. This tab does not require you to enter projects for the items.
  2. Select the Account against which you want to record these items in the grid and enter the relevant Amount.
  3. Click Done to save a line item. You can also add a memo against the item for reference.
  4. Record as many items as needed in the bill using step 2 and 3. When you have finished, click Save. CORE successfully records the vendor bill.

Check CORE Help Center for details on creating vendor bills.


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