Vendor bill expenses not matching in Cloud Feeds

User created a vendor bill with the Expense Account being the company's credit card. Even after approving the vendor bill and associated expense entry, user is not able to find and match this expense in the Cloud Feeds transactions. 

There are two ways to handle this properly: 

  1. Create a credit card charge for this expense instead of a vendor bill to show it in the Cloud Feeds screen. You can create a credit card charge by simply entering the expense in the Expense Entries screen and selecting the credit card from the Credit Card drop-down (show the column from the More menu > Show/Hide Columns). You can also enter it as a credit card charge in the Credit Cards > Charges screen. However, here you cannot match up the payment to a specific vendor bill.
  2. Enter the vendor bill as you usually would and make a bill payment for it, choosing the pay method as Credit Card. Then make sure you choose the account that matches your credit card feed. Save this payment. It should not only appear as a credit card transaction on the Credit Cards screen — it should show up as a match to your cloud feeds.
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