Time entries showing up on invoices

Is there a way to enter time against a project, but not show them on the invoices? User is working on a Fixed Fee plus Expenses type of a project, but wants to enter time on it to check the time spent on that project. If the user marks these time entries as non-billable, they still show on the invoice. 

You would always want to capture time and expenses against all types of projects for job costing and profitability tracking. Go to Settings > Billing & Invoices > Invoice Settings and select the option Hide non-billable time entries on invoices. The same option is available for non-billable expenses. However, this is a global-level setting and applies to all projects.

So other options in CORE include:

  • You can create an internal non-billable type of project and any time entries logged for it will be non-billable.
  • You can create a billable type project, but mark the time entries for it as non-billable. Then using the above Settings option, non-billable entries won't show up on the invoices.
  • The default invoice template for a Fixed Fee project does not show time entries as invoice line items. So check the invoice template for this project to make sure the right template is being used. Also, check to see the project has been assigned the correct contract type.

Note: When you make  time entries non-billable, that affects the KPIs such as utilization rate and effective bill rate.

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