Incorrect due date on invoices

User has set the payment term to Due Upon Receipt for a project, but the invoices do not show the correct due date (which should be same as the invoice date under this payment term).

This can happen if someone changes the default grace period for the Due Upon Receipt payment term. You can check the Grace Days column against the Due Upon Receipt payment term in the screen where you set it. For example, in the Projects > General > Billing Options screen, if you check the list under Terms, the grace days are visible alongside the name of the term. If the value for Grace Days is not zero, the Due Upon Receipt payment term won't behave as expected. To set the grace days to zero again, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Billing & Invoices and select Payment Terms from the left panel.
  2. Set the Days field to 0 against the Due Upon Receipt term.
  3. Click Done to save the changes.

You can also create your own payment terms in this screen.  

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