Memo not visible on retainer invoice

User enters a memo during the creation of a retainer invoice, but it is not displayed on the final retainer invoice. How to show the memo on the retainer invoice?

If you preview the retainer invoice from the Retainers screen, the memo should always be visible as there are no options to customize the invoice there. However, if you are previewing it in the Report Center screen, you do get some options to customize it. To make sure the memo is visible in this case, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Report Center screen and select Retainer Invoice report from the Templates and click Configure Report.
  2. On the Configure Report > Set Display Options section, check Show Memo.
  3. Choose the other options and filters as required.
  4. Click Run to generate the Retainer Invoice report.

The memo should be visible on the generated invoice. 

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