Billing phases with 100% non-billable time

User wants to create an invoice for a project phase that has all of its time entries non-billable.

At present, CORE does not support billing a project that is 100% non-billable. Such a project phase won't show up in the Create Batch Invoice screen. However, you can still create a zero-value invoice for that project phase by making all the time entries billable and then applying a discount equal to the invoice amount. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Time Entries screen and select all the time entries of the project phase.
  2. Now click on Actions > Batch Update.
  3. On the Batch Update dialog, select the Set Billable Flag option and set its value to True.
  4. Make sure all these time entries have approved status.
  5. Click Update.
  6. Now go to the Invoices screen and click Create New > Batch Invoice.
  7. Select the desired project range including the project phase in question.
  8. The phase now shows up in the Create Batch Invoice screen with a Net Bill value. Apply a discount to the phase equal in amount to the bill amount so that the Net Bill amount becomes zero.
  9. You can now bill the phase as a zero-value invoice by selecting its row and clicking Actions > Process as Final.

Note: You can also combine the zero-value phase with other phases to create a joint invoice by clicking Actions > Combine, followed by Actions > Process as Final. 

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