Missing transactions when reconciling accounts

User is trying to reconcile an account, but can't see all the transactions in the list.

If you are in the middle of reconciling your account and notice that certain transactions are missing on the Reconciliations screen, here are the possibilities and steps you can follow to troubleshoot:

  1. If you don’t want to unclear the transactions that you already cleared in Reconciliations, then select the Reconcile Later button. Check CORE Help Center for details.
  2. Based on the type of transactions that are missing, go to that screen to see if the transaction is actually there (i.e., Checks, Bill Payments, General Journal, Deposits, etc.). Also, check its amount to see if it matches the missing transaction amount.
  3. If the source transaction came from the Cloud Feeds screen, make sure that the transactions in question have been downloaded and added to CORE. Check CORE Help Center for details.
  4. If you deposit transactions for a month that has passed, the transactions don't show up in the previous month. For example, if you deposit transactions in July that are meant to be for June, the transactions aren't included in June. You need to change the deposit date to any date in June to include those transactions.
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