Missing employees in time entry report

A few employees are not shown as line items in the 'Employee Missing Time Week View' report in CORE.

There can be a few reasons why this is happening.

  1. You might have filtered the report by filters such as Resource/Employee, Employee Title, etc. Please run this report without the filters.

  2. This report compares the standard daily hours as well as weekly hours set for the employees. If any of the conditions is not true for the day or week, then those employees display on the report.

  3. To verify this, go to the Employees > General > Dates & Hours tab and check the Standard Hours per day and per week, say 8 hours and 40 hours, respectively.
    • If in any day of the week, employees do not have a total of 8 hours (although the weekly total is 40 hours), those employees are shown on the 'Employee Missing Time Week View' report. 
    • If employees have set only weekly standard hours, say 40, but not any daily hours, then the report will check the weekly condition only. So in this case, if weekly hours are less than 40, then the employees show up on the report.

Employees who have either equal hours logged for the day/week as specified or greater hours will not show up on the 'Employee Missing Time Week View' report. Those with less hours for the day/week as specified will be on that report.

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