Different addresses for project invoices

A user has a customer for whom they do various jobs and deal with different customer contacts, depending on the job. CORE invoices are sent to the customer address. Is there a way to send invoices to a different address for the same customer?

CORE has the ability to send invoices to the client contacts. Each client in CORE can have an unlimited number of additional contacts linked to it. To add additional contacts to a client record:
  1. While in the Clients screen, select a client record and go to its Contact tab.
  2. Add a contact and enter its information. The contact added will appear in the 'Contact' drop-down in the Projects screen.
  3. In the Projects > Settings > Billing Options screen, select this billing contact for the project.
  4. Check the option 'Send invoice to contact'.
The invoices for this project will now use the address of the selected contact. 
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