Cloud Feeds transactions are not matching

If you have imported or downloaded credit card transactions using Cloud Feeds, but the entries are not matched even though they are valid transactions and have expense entries to match, it can be because the credit card is not having its own cloud feed. CORE does not match entries based on the amount alone and must have cloud feeds for the credit card to match appropriately. Check CORE Help Center for details on Cloud Feeds.

You should have connected and transferred the cloud feed transactions to the appropriate credit card accounts in CORE. If you find some mismatches, ensure proper account assignments. You can use the Find Match option and assign the correct accounts to them or link the transactions to the projects-items. In the latter case, you are capturing project costs accurately. For indirect expenses, assigning directly to an account is appropriate unless you are allocating those to an overhead project. Check CORE Help Center > Cloud Feeds for details.

In some cases, you can ignore such unmatched cloud feed transactions by clicking dropdown-caret.png next to the transaction and selecting Ignore. Check CORE Help Center for details.

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