Using billing schedules

Before you know how to set up a billing schedule in CORE, you’ll probably want to know when or why you would want to do this. Billing schedules allow you to define and schedule expected billings for a project over its life or just the initial period. You might do so for projects with milestone billing, wherein a project manager makes the billing decision rather than a billing manager. Architects and engineers use billing schedules based on milestones achieved while working on projects. They're also handy for fixed contracts that are billed out at varying amounts.

Note that you can use billing schedules with CORE's automatic billing feature.

For example, let’s say you are going to handle a clean-up job on Mike Milan’s accounting. You have agreed to a total contract amount of $10,000. Let’s also say that you want to bill Mike based on 50% up front, then 25%, and 25 % each month thereafter.

This is a perfect use case for billing schedules in CORE.

To set up a billing schedule in CORE, navigate to a project (also called an engagement or matter). In the project's detail view, click Settings > Billing Schedule and enter the required information in the grid. Check CORE Help Center for details.

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