Client statements for period excluding today

How do I send statements to my clients excluding those who were billed today?

To send statements to all your clients having open invoices, except those who received an invoice today, you have to filter the client statement report for the invoice date. It should not include today's date. 

To do so in CORE, open the Reports screen from the main menu on the left. Then follow these steps:


  1. On the Reports screen, go to the Standard tab.
  2. Type 'statement' in the Search Filter box and select the relevant statement on the grid.
  3. Click the row action menu and select Customize. You can also click on the row.

On the Customize dialog, follow these steps:


  1. On the Filters tab, select the Invoice Date filter.
  2. Then choose a Custom date range that excludes today's date.
  3. Click Continue. This will filter the report so as to display data of all those clients who were not invoiced today, but had previous balance.
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