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Dear Support,

Our team was unpleasantly surprised during our training sessions that the reports within the widgets on the dashboard are not interactive and we cannot "drill down" to look further into the data that is being displayed. This was a HUGE let down for our company as this was not mentioned in any of the many initial calls we had with core when were doing our due diligence. 

We would think this would be one of the main features that would be addressed by the software development company; this is an inconvenience for anyone who is not a "numbers person" and especially when on the run and using the app. 

We just rolled out with Core in our company a couple of weeks now and this is an embarrassing downside when our employees are having to run multiple reports just to get to the same information. 

Please make this a priority, it would be a huge time saver for your clients and a much needed function for all of your clients!




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    You will be happy to know that in the recent Core update, many financial reports have the drill-down feature enabled. You can get to the details of the data displayed on those reports.

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  • Hi! I think this is already on the roadmap for Core...to make the dashboard widgets more interactive and users being able to drill down to the source directly from the widgets. Please send your feature request to Core-Ideas@bqe.com.

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  • Agreed. BQE Core's UI and the database are great but yet the user experience is rather counter-intuitive and not so user-oriented. We even missed the old BQE ArchiOffice project time/expense tab.

    For us the architects, we spend most of our energy looking at one project at a time. We want to see project performance on-the-fly, not having to click through multiple memorised reports. The functions to compare projects/clients/employees are good, but not essential at all, as each project is different.

    The performance tab on each project looks promising, but it is written for the account manager, not the project lead.  As project leads we need breakdowns of the project phases, hours spent, %spent, activity items breakdown, activity items % etc, and any combination of the above, at our fingertips. You already have the UI and data to make it so much more useful to 90% of our staff.

    Sorry for being blunt but I hope you will understand our needs better. We need access to data at the project level. Maybe running some focus groups with users would help.


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  • Wai Kin Tsui,

    You bring up a point that we are aware of. Many customers who are familiar with ArchiOffice miss the central location within a project to get to everything that has to do with that project. Our team is aware of this design difference and have it on our road map to continually improve Core so that these frustrations disappear. 

    I would also like to recommend that you send emails to core-ideas@bqe.com whenever you have a feature request. One email/request is most effective. We have a team here that reads every feature request, evaluates them and puts them on the roadmap.

    Thanks so much!


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