How do clients pay via ACH transfer?

After enabling ACH transfer payments for your invoices, CORE sends your clients to the ePayment Portal where they are able to pay their invoices electronically. The invoice details are displayed on this portal, and they are presented with the options to pay the invoice through credit card or ACH payment.  Check ePayments for details.

In case of ACH payment method, your clients can either enter their bank account details manually or use the Plaid interface. To verify your clients' bank accounts, they need to log into their bank account using the Plaid interface and share the account. The Plaid interface lets them signal which account they'd like to link after they've successfully logged into their bank. After connecting, they can authorize a payment by entering their email on the invoices and checking the disclaimer. After the online payments are validated by BQE ePayments, CORE reflects the ePayments status accordingly in CORE. Check CORE Help Center for details. 

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