Inactive employees entering time

User has an employee who was able to enter time, despite being marked inactive. How does marking employees inactive affect their time entries and capabilities?

When you change the status of an employee to Inactive or Terminated, CORE automatically marks the linked user as Inactive or Terminated in the Manage Users screen. If you change the status of the employee back to Active to view time entries by employee, the status of the linked user remains Inactive. This restricts them from logging into CORE, but they continue to appear in lists and drop-downs. Active employees can enter time for inactive employees as well. You must set employees as Inactive from the Employees screen to remove them from appearing in lists and drop-downs. To make inactive employees active again, check CORE Help Center for details.

Marking employees as Inactive or Terminated isn't going to affect their time entries as long as the entries are submitted and approved beforehand. When their entries are submitted and approved, they are linked to the relevant project. This means that their time entries still appear in time entry screens for active projects. They can be viewed when filtering the screen by 'Project', but not in any employee filters. Additionally, you can delete any unwanted time entries from the Time Entries screen.

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