Different project profitability on reports and widgets

A project shows a negative value for profitability on the Project Profitability report. However, its Projects > Performance tab shows an increased profit amount. Why are these different?

Typically, reports display profitability based on the billed values. The reason why the Project Profitability report is showing a negative profit is because CORE only pulls accurate profitability when items are considered invoiced or billed. The only report that can display un-billed time and a profitability percentage is the Gross Margin in Real Time report. This report shows you what you have currently un-billed and is considered in-progress. Unless all the WIP amount is billed, these profitability numbers on your reports and the profitability metric on the project widget are going to be slightly off. The Project Profitability metric and the Gross Margin costs are different amounts and, therefore, result in different percentages. 

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