What is the difference between Root Project ID and Project ID?

CORE allows you to form a hierarchy for your projects by giving you the ability to add phases and sub-phases in 4 levels. The project you add a phase to becomes the parent of that phase. Similarly, if you add a sub-phase to a phase, the phase becomes a parent to that sub-phase. When using 'Project ID', you are referring to one of the possibly many parent projects/phases. In contrast, the 'Root Project ID' always refers to the top-most level of the project; it is the parent to all its phases and their sub-phases. Please refer to the example below:

  • Project A (root; parent to all)
    • Project A-1 (parent of sub-phases below)
      • Project A-1: CD (sub-phase of Project A-1)
      • Project A-1: DD (sub-phase of Project A-1; parent of sub-phase below)
        • Project A-1-DD: Atlanta (sub-phase of Project A-1: DD)
    • Project A-2 (parent of sub-phases below)
      • Project A-2: BD (sub-phase of Project A-2)
      • Project A-2: ED (sub-phase of Project A-2)
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