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Note: Help content (except videos) has been updated to reflect the UI/UX changes in CORE.

CORE allows you to create a list of Human Resources items such as employee journal types and journal status. These lists are then used to create and track employee journals. The Journal feature of CORE HR is like an employee diary in which HR managers can record information about any employee-related activities and credentials. Journal entries are intended to assist the supervisors to monitor the behavior of employees at reasonable intervals and keep track of their achievements.


You can create and maintain a list of employee attributes or items via journal types. Some common journal types are achievement, demotion, complaint, discipline, suspension, promotion, dress code, and so on. You can create any number of journal types and then use them while creating employee journal entries. Click to watch a video on creating employee journals in CORE.


How To

Create Journal Types

Mark Screen as Favorite

Create Journal Types

To add a journal type, watch this video or follow these steps:

  1. Open the Journal Types screen from the side menu > Settings > Human Resources.

    journal types create.png

  2. In the list view, click Add and enter the required information in the top row of the grid:
    • Journal Type: name of the journal entry to be made. It should be short and descriptive (for example, Promotion, Warning, etc.).
    • Description
  3. Click Done.

Note: You cannot delete the default journal types.

Mark Screen as Favorite

You can mark or flag the most-often used and important screens in CORE as your favorites up to a maximum of ten. These favorite screens then display separately on the side menu under the Favorites list. You can manage all your favorite screens in CORE from User Settings.

To mark this screen as your favorite, watch this video or follow these steps:

  1. Open the Journal Types screen from the side menu > Settings >  Human Resources.

    Journal Types - Mark as Fav.png

  2. Click favorites.png on the top-right.
  3. You can access this screen from the side menu under Favorites.

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