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The Custom Labels screen is where you can go to update some of the lexicon or terminology used throughout CORE, including reports. Using custom labels, you can change the terminology of the screens, such as screen title, field labels and masks. You are not limited to what you can type, except for character count or length.

In some industries, a Project is called a Job, Engagement or Matter. So you can redefine the labels according to your preference and call your projects something as unusual as 'Cruise Ship' or your clients as 'Patients'. CORE pre-fills the custom labels when a new company file is created using the attributes from the Setup Wizard. For instance, if you select your industry as legal, then CORE will customize the 'Project' label as 'Matter' or if you specify country as UK, then it will customize the 'Zip Code' label as 'Postal Code' and set the mask of the field accordingly. The customization and flexibility offered by CORE is what makes it so powerful. These labels do not affect anything other than the text or name that displays and so a project will still behave and act like a project regardless of what it is called. Click to watch this video on customizing labels in CORE.

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You can change the CORE terminology to any other common industry labels such as:

CORE Terminology Common Industry Terminology


Task, Service, Work


Expenditure, Charge Item


Job, Engagement, Matter, Work Order


Timekeeper, Staff, Associate


Consultant, Subcontractor, Contractor, Supplier


Customer, Patient, User, Shopper, Buyer

Time Entry

Time Card, Time Sheet, Time Slips

Expense Entry

Expense Log, Expense Sheet


Quota, Fund


Firm, Organization



Note: You must set labels in the singular form. E.g., Change 'Activity' to 'Task' and not 'Tasks'.

Field Descriptions

How To

Customize Labels and Masks

Restore Default Labels

Mark Screen as Favorite

Field Descriptions

Field Name Field Description
Settings > Display & Formatting > Custom Labels >
Label Screen and field names available for customization.
Custom Label The default labels of the screen and fields are pre-filled, but you can customize them by replacing them with your preferred terminology. Example: You can enter a custom label for 'Activity' such as Task or Service.

This represents the mask of a field and can be a sequence of letters, numbers and punctuation. You can specify a free-flowing mask for zip codes, phone numbers and other attributes that support masking. This allows you to enter different postal codes and mailing addresses in the same company file if you have customers worldwide, such as in USA, Canada, Australia, UK or New Zealand.

Click the drop-down to select a predefined mask from the list or enter your own. Masks contain the following placeholders:


9 = Digit placeholder, accepting only 0 to 9 numbers

A = Wildcard placeholder, accepting uppercase or lowercase letters from A to Z, digits from 0 to 9 or symbols


Punctuation helps in formatting the mask for easy reading. Common punctuation includes parentheses (), dashes (-) and periods (.).

Example: Telephone numbers, social security numbers and zip codes are common examples. Using the placeholders, zip code masks would be 99999-9999 for U.S.A. and A9A 9A9 for Canada. For social security format 333-44-5555 in US, you can have 999-99-9999; for 333-444-555 in Canada, select 999-999-999. 


Customize Labels and Masks

You must set custom labels in the singular form. E.g., Change 'Activity' to 'Task' and not 'Tasks'.

To customize a label or mask, watch this video or follow these steps:

  1. Open the Custom Labels screen from the side menu > Settings > Display & Formatting. 

    customize label.png

  2. Select a screen name from the list whose labels you want to customize, say Activity.
  3. Select the label you want to change (say Activity) and then enter the new custom label (say Task).
  4. In some cases, you might want to change the Format or mask of a label. Check Field Descriptions above for details.
  5. Click Save.

Restore Default Labels

After having customized some of the labels in CORE, you might want to switch back to the default labels. Every single label and masking can be reset to the defaults, except for the custom fields.

To restore a default label, watch this video or follow these steps:

  1. Open the Custom Labels screen from the side menu > Settings > Display & Formatting. 

    restore labels.png

  2. Click Restore to Defaults on the top-right.
  3. Click Save.   

Mark Screen as Favorite

You can mark or flag the most-often used and important screens in CORE as your favorites up to a maximum of ten. These favorite screens then display separately on the side menu under the Favorites list. You can manage all your favorite screens in CORE from User Settings.

To mark this screen as your favorite, watch this video or follow these steps:

  1. Open the Custom Labels screen from the side menu > Settings > Display & Formatting.

    Custom Label-Mark as fav.png

  2. Click favorites.png on the top-right.
  3. You can access this screen from the side menu under Favorites.

You can also check the detailed video on marking screens as favorite in CORE.

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