Industry refers to the primary business of the leads or prospects for your company, e.g., architecture, engineering, legal, software, technology, etc. It refers to the target Industries your company frequently works with and is used as an attribute for leads and prospects. CORE CRM comes with a default industry list, but you can create a custom list of industries to use for your leads and prospects in CORE CRM. Click to watch this video on creating CRM lists in CORE.


When leads and prospects are being entered in CORE CRM, it helps to understand what industry their business belongs to so that the relevant or custom marketing materials can be delivered to them and proper sales analytic can be performed. For instance, if 80% of your business is from the architectural and engineering fields, then that affects how your company markets your products and services to them. It can also affect how the products and services evolve over time to ensure your key market is best accommodated in the features and designs you are offering.

You can check out the list of industries at SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes list.

Field Descriptions

Basic Tasks

Add Industries

View Reports

Advanced Tasks

Export Industries

Field Descriptions

Field Name Field Description
CRM Lists > Industries >
Industry Name of an industry, such as architectural, legal, accounting, etc.
Active Indicates whether an industry is available to be used for leads or prospects.


Add Industries

To add a new industry, watch this video or follow these steps:

    1. Open the Industries screen from the side menu > Lists > CRM.

    2. In the list view, click Add and enter the required information in the top row of the grid. Check Field Descriptions above for details.

    • Industry

    • Active

  1. Click Done. The new industry is displayed in the grid.

View Reports

To view a report:

    1. Open the Industries screen from the side menu > Lists > CRM.


    1. In the list view, click More > View Reports.

    2. Select a report from the Report List dialog. It opens in the viewer.

    3. Preview the report and then choose to export or print it.

Export Industries

In CORE, you can export the industries to the Comma Separated Values file format. CORE exports data from all available columns and not just the columns visible in the grid.

To export industry records to a .CSV file, watch this video or follow these steps:

    1. Open the Industries screen from the side menu > Lists > CRM.


    1. In the list view, click More > Export as CSV.

    2. A .csv export file is created and saved on your system at the default download location, say your desktop. Click to open the spreadsheet.

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