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If you need any assistance regarding CORE from within the app, you can use the Help menu help-01.png accessible from the side menu to open BQE CORE Resource Center. It is an in-app hub for our self-service and support resources. The Resource Center provides on-demand access to our help resources, knowledge base, support, walkthrough guides, and product updates, all within CORE. You can also stay up to date on the latest software releases and announcements.

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The Resource Center includes:

  • Help: Choose any contextual help articles from the list or type your question in the top search bar.
  • CORE AI Assistant: Find answers to your questions about CORE from this digital assistant. You can also access it via CORE Help Center.
  • Walkthrough Guides: Access context-sensitive guided tours to learn about CORE.
  • Support Resources: Select options such as:
    CORE Help Center to access the knowledge base, video library, and help articles
    CORE Community to post questions on the user forum or report issues in CORE
    BQE University to access webinars, trainings, and other learning opportunities
    CORE API Documentation to explore CORE public APIs and other developer resources

    - Support to reach out to our technical and product support via email, phone call, or other contact information
  • Product Updates: Check out the latest software updates, performance status, or other announcements. You can also send us feedback or ideas on CORE at

How To

Access BQE CORE Resource Center

Access Release Log

Contact BQE

Access BQE CORE Resource Center

You can access various CORE help resources either from within the app or by visiting the CORE Help Center site.

To access help, watch this video or follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the bottom-left of CORE and click Help help-01.png on the side menu.

    crc help menu.png

  2. BQE CORE Resource Center displays and allows you to choose any of the options you want to use. 
  3. Click the X icon at the top to close the Resource Center window.

Note: You should check for any notification badges on the Help icon help-01.png for unread updates and notifications. 

Access Release Log

CORE is a web-based, cloud software solution and so you are always going to be on the latest version. We do the software updates automatically in the background on a regular basis and announce it to our users via the CORE Community forum. You should follow the Announcements category on CORE Community to be notified via email. 

To access the CORE release log:

  1. While logging in to CORE, you can click on the Release Log link at the bottom to read the release notes that list the latest features added and improvements made to CORE since the last update. You can also bookmark this link for future reference.  

    login release log.png

  2. Alternatively, you can go to CORE Community from your browser and then click on Announcements. It displays all the announcements related to CORE software updates and also links to the Release Log for details.

Contact BQE

You can contact BQE Software via email or phone in case you need any information, services or have questions. All these options are available via the in-app Resource Center. You can also post your questions or provide feedback on CORE Community. Click here to contact us.

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