Preventing employees from exceeding PTO

You can prevent employees from exceeding their available PTO balance or restrict their vacation time using project assignments and task allocations in CORE.

To do so:

  1. From the side menu, open the Projects screen.
  2. Select your overhead project that is used to track PTO activities and click View Details under the row-action menu.
  3. In the detail view, go to Settings > Assignment tab. 
  4. On the Show drop-down, select Activity Items. Click Add Activity Item and select the PTO activity before clicking Add.
  5. Next, select Rules on the Show drop-down. Click Add Rule and add the rule 'Prevent time entry after reaching allocated hours.' Check CORE Help Center for details.
  6. From the side menu, open Projects > Resource Allocation.
  7. Under the Tasks tab, select Project and choose your overhead project from the Show drop-down.
  8. On the grid, select the resource or resource group the PTO rule applies to. Select the PTO activity and enter the hours and start and end date for the allocation. You could give 80 units of PTO for the year, for example. You can also select a priority if you want.
  9. Click Done to finish.

Employees who attempt to submit hours that exceed their available PTO balance receive the notification 'You have exceeded the allocated hours for this date' and will not be able to submit it. Check CORE Help Center for details on allocating tasks to projects.

You can allocate vacation time to employees and then lock the project by allocated units. This is set up in the Allocation and Forecasting screen of CORE. Here is what you need to do:

The alternative way is to require your employees to request PTO and have it approved before they take vacation time. A proper submit-approve workflow needs to be set up in CORE for the employees. So when people try to take off or call in sick, you can check their PTO balance in CORE. The vacation request should be rejected by the supervisor in case it exceeds the allowable limit. You can also run a PTO report at monthly intervals as an early warning system. Check CORE Help Center for details.

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