Combining vacation and sick time into single PTO

In CORE, the PTO balances are not linked to the PTO account; they are linked to the specific Vacation, Sick, and Holiday activity items as set in Settings > Time & Expenses > Personal Time Off.

If you want to combine your vacation and sick time into a single personal time off (PTO) item, it can be done this way: 

  1. In CORE, under Settings > Display & Formatting > Custom Labels, change the label for both Vacation and Sick to PTO in the Company drop-down.
  2. On the Activity Items screen (Settings > Time & Expenses), create an activity item called PTO and set it as non-billable.
  3. Associate this new PTO activity item with both Sick Time and Vacation Time in Settings > Time & Expenses > Personal Time Off.
  4. If you have existing time logged against Vacation and Sick activities, then merge the two activity items into a single PTO item (created above). 
  5. You should use this PTO activity item while logging your personal time off from now on as well as while setting up benefits (CORE HR) for the employees. 

Note: When you combine the two activities under the same label, it will display as two separate 'PTO' items rather than a single item on reports, widgets, etc. In some cases, it can also double the value of PTO because CORE uses the activity items set in Settings to determine the sick and vacation time. This might cause confusion.

Alternatively, you can have different activity items set for each PTO type in Settings. However, to use only one item for your PTO (vacation and sick), you can set one of the items, say Sick, as the default GEN:SICK and then make this activity item inactive so that no one uses it in your company. All employees can record the PTO hours under the vacation activity item only (say GEN:VAC). 

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