Cannot batch update activity for time entries

User is trying to update the activity on a batch of time entries in CORE, but some of the entries are not updating.

This can happen in any of the following cases:

  1. If you are using project assignments and the time entry project does not have any activity assigned there, you cannot use the Batch Update option on the unassigned activity. You need to assign the activity to the project first and then take the batch action. Check CORE Help Center for details on assigning activities to projects.
  2. If the time entry is already billed (linked to an invoice) or linked to a paid vendor bill, CORE allows limited editing of the entry, but you cannot update the activity on it.
  3. If your security permissions restrict you from editing time entries, CORE does not allow you to update the activity on the time entry. Check CORE Help Center for details on the security options you can customize for time entries.
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