Sending invoices with summarized time and expenses to QuickBooks

When sending over invoices to QuickBooks Online, MYOB AccountRight or Xero from CORE, you have the option to summarize the time and expenses as single line items on the synced invoices. To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations and connect to one of the software to open up the corresponding Sync Detail screen.
  2. On the Sync Detail > Sync Settings > Invoices screen, select the invoice types for which you want to send the time and expenses as summarized line items under Do not send time/expense details for these invoice types.
  3. Save the changes.

The next time you send these invoice types, CORE sends them with summarized time and expenses. The invoices only have one line item to represent the time (service) totals and one item to represent the expense totals. Check CORE Help Center for details

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