Searching by project names

User is trying to make an entry in Time Card and enters the project name in the Project field to search for it in the drop-down, but the search does not yield any results.

This happens because, by default, CORE displays the projects as Project ID - Project Name. So you need to start typing the Project ID if you want to search for the project in the drop-down. If you do not know the Project ID and want to search by the project name instead, you can use a wildcard search as follows:

%Project Name

The wildcard character (%) allows you to search for projects in the drop-down that end with the project name and begin with any set of characters. As the projects are displayed as Project ID-Project Name, searching in this manner allows you to mask out the Project ID and search for all items that end with Project Name.

Alternatively, you can also change how the projects are displayed in the drop-downs and choose only to show the project name from Global Settings > User Interface. Check out this article for details: View projects by name

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