Printing and reprinting checks

You can print checks in CORE using the Checks > Print Checks screen. It offers various check style options.

If you need to print checks with two stubs, say one for yourself and one for the vendor, you can choose the Voucher-Check-Voucher format. Then there is the Voucher style available with a Notes section that contains the memo that you added to it. If you do not want it to show up on your printed Voucher checks, you can use another check styles. Another option is to use the Voucher Details which includes the vendor bill number. Check CORE Help Center for details. If none of the styles meet your requirements, you can have our Customization Team create a custom one.

The check alignment is something that needs to be tried and tested a few times till you get it right. CORE allows you to test print the check. You can print to a blank sheet of paper and hold up to your check vouchers to see how the alignment is. You can use any printer you want to print the checks from CORE, but each printer and check style can be different. You should also check the settings and options like scaling (should be 100 by default) and margins in the Print dialog. Make sure to set the correct paper size in your printer settings. Check out the check styles and sizes supported by CORE.

There is limited space available for address on checks and sometimes the address might get cut off. You can go to the Check Alignment screen and adjust the address lines to be combined into one. This creates a single, long line that should fit the entire address. If you want to change the margins on printed checks, you can do that by re-aligning the checks here and moving it toward or away from the edges. Re-aligning checks allows you to reduce the margins on printed checks to a minimum limit if you move the text to the extreme in the Check Alignment dialog. If you are trying to remove the margins on printed checks altogether, you should consult our Customization Team with your exact requirements.

If you make changes to the check alignment, you can save them as a custom check style. Make sure to select your Standard Custom Check template under the Check Style drop-down in the Print Checks screen before printing.

In the end, CORE prompts you to confirm if the checks were printed and you need to respond with Yes or No. 

If you need to re-print checks in CORE for some reason, go to the Checks > More > Print Checks screen. You will see all your checks based off of the Bank Account chosen. Then select the checks you want to re-print and click Actions > Batch Update and set the 'To Be Printed' value to true. You can then go ahead and reprint them. If it is a single check, find the check that needs to be reprinted and provide the check number and style at the top. Be sure the alignment settings are correct before you reprint the check. Check CORE Help for details on printing checks.

If you want to reprint checks with the same check number, you must first void and delete the existing check. Check CORE Help Center for details.

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