Cannot enter time because of closing date

User is trying to enter time in CORE, but gets an error message:

You cannot use a date older than the company's Closing Date.

This can happen if you are making time entries with dates that are older than the Closing Date set in the Settings > Company screen. This is a security feature in CORE that prevents unauthorized or accidental editing of the accounting data and transactions (time, expenses, invoices, payments, etc.) for the period before the Closing Date. This date is typically updated annually by your CORE administrator after the company has verified its records for the preceding year and set everything in order for potential audits. So, you need to make sure that the time entries you are making have a date later than the Closing Date. If you think the Closing Date is in error and time entries should still be allowed for this period, consult your CORE administrator and have it corrected. Check CORE Help Center for details on the company Closing Date.

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