Moving expenses from employee to vendor

User with a vendor profile entered expenses under the employee profile by mistake and so those expenses won't show up on vendor bills. 

You can fix this by changing the employee (resource) for the expense entries to the vendor profile using a Batch Update, provided the entries are not already billed. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In the Expense Entries screen, select Employee under Show and select the employee whose expense entries you want to batch update.
  2. Select all the entries in the grid and click Actions > Batch Update.
  3. In the Batch Update dialog, check the box next to Employee ID and select the vendor to whom you want to move the entries.
  4. Click Update.

The expense entries are now logged against the vendor profile and can be linked to the vendor bills. Check Core Help Center for details on Batch Update.

Note: If you have already billed the expenses, you cannot batch update the Employee ID. So you should delete the invoices created from those entries and then batch update them. Then you should recreate the invoices.

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