Setting up multi-level approval of time and expenses

There are situations where companies might want to set up multiple-levels of time and expense approval. For instance, an Admin user or HR manager might first review and approve the submitted time and expenses by employees and then submit these entries to the relevant project manager for final review and approval. 

The workflow in CORE allows you to submit, review, and approve time and expense entries. You can set up a single-level or multiple-level of submit-approve workflow according to your preference. While the single-level workflow is quite simple (submit-approve), here is how you would set the multiple-level workflow (submit-review-submit-approve):

  1. Employees submit time and expenses to the designated Manager # 1.
  2. Manager #1 reviews entries and further submits them to the Manager # 2.
  3. Manager # 2 reviews and approves the entries. Manager # 2 can further submit the entries to the next-level manager, if required.

You can set the default 'Submit To' reviewer at the employee, project or client level in CORE. In the Employees screen, you can specify Manager # 1 for all your employees. Then you can specify Manager # 2 for your Manager # 1 as the 'Submit To' option. The 'Submit To' option can also be selected while submitting your entries, if they aren't pre-defined. 

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