Moving time entries of inactive project to its phase

User has a phased project and changed the status of the parent project to Inactive to prevent time entries on it, while allowing time entries on the phases. Now they want to move the existing time entries of the inactive parent project to its active phase.

You do not need to change the status of the parent project to prevent time entries on it. You should rather change the project type to Main in the Projects > General > Details screen. You can also set the project rule 'Prevent time entry for the project' for this purpose.

To fix this, you need to change the project Status back to Active and then move the time entries to the phase. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In the Projects screen, click Filters on the top-right, choose the Project Status filter and select Inactive from the drop-down.
  2. Click Apply Filter to display the inactive projects in the grid.
  3. Click on the row of the inactive parent project to open up its details.
  4. In the Projects > General > Details screen, set Status to Active. Save the changes.
  5. Now move the time entries from the parent project to the phase. Check out this article for details on that: Moving time entries to another project.
  6. You can then set the project's Type to Main in the Projects > General > Details screen to prevent time and expense entries on it in the future. 
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