Global and Project-Level Rules

Note: Help content (except videos) has been updated to reflect the UI/UX changes in CORE.

CORE allows you to specify company-wide settings from the side menu > Settings. To optimize CORE to your business practices and preferences based on size, goals, operations, and policies, you can apply these global defaults on all projects. You can also apply rules at a project level that are applicable to those specific projects only. Some rules are available at both the global and project levels, wherein the project level rules take precedence.  

Settings and Rules Settings Projects
Project contract amount includes taxes  🗸  
Exclude Vacation, Sick, Holiday, and Comp time when calculating overtime  🗸  
Skip time evaluation  🗸  
Evaluate time and expense billable status based on billable value  🗸  
Add time and expense memos to notes  🗸  
Allow negative time entries  🗸  
Allow zero-hour time entries  🗸  
Adjust stop time when client hours are charged  🗸  
Reverse Write-Up/Down when invoice is reversed  🗸  
Mark projects completed when billed 100%   🗸  
Skip extra Time Entry for automatic write-up/write-down  🗸  
Auto apply retainer to invoices  🗸  
Apply discount to pre-tax amount  🗸  
Allow zero (0) rates in service fee schedules  🗸  
Show billing through on invoices  🗸  
Show account summary at the bottom of invoices  🗸  🗸
Show retainer summary on invoices  🗸 🗸
Email payment receipts to client  🗸  
Email retainer payment receipts to client  🗸  
Show time and expense memos on detailed invoices  🗸  
Show project memo on invoices at the bottom  🗸  
Hide non-billable time entries on invoices  🗸 🗸
Hide non-billable expense entries on invoices  🗸 🗸
Show country in client address  🗸  
Show company Tax ID on invoices  🗸  
Allow User Settings to override these email settings  🗸  
Automatically zip multiple attachments  🗸  
Make this application DCAA compliant  🗸  
Password required when closing date is changed  🗸  
Users must agree to the following disclaimer when submitting time and expense  🗸  
Always show in Create Batch Invoice screen    🗸
Do not apply project assignment settings    🗸
Email invoice    🗸
Exempt item tax 1/2/3    🗸
Prevent expense entry after reaching allocated units    🗸
Prevent expense entry for the project    🗸
Prevent time and expense entry after reaching contract amount    🗸
Prevent time entry after reaching allocated hours    🗸
Prevent time entry for the project    🗸
Restrict expense entries to budgeted expenses    🗸
Restrict time and expenses to budgeted employees    🗸
Restrict time entries to budgeted activities    🗸
Send as joint invoice    🗸
Use memo on invoices     🗸
Auto approve expense entries  🗸  🗸
Auto approve time entries  🗸  🗸
Automatically link expense entry attachments to invoices  🗸  🗸
Automatically link time entry attachments to invoices  🗸  🗸
Include billable expenses in the contract amount  🗸  🗸
Main Expense Tax excludes Tax 1/2/3  🗸  🗸
Main Service Tax excludes Tax 1/2/3  🗸  🗸
Memo is required for expense entry  🗸  🗸
Memo is required for time entry  🗸  🗸
Show combined GST on invoices  🗸  🗸
Skip automatic time entry evaluation  🗸  🗸
Use rates from Activity items screen  🗸  🗸
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