Expenses show 20% markup

Expenses on a project show a 20% markup by default.

This can happen if you have assigned a fee schedule to the project and that specifies a 20% markup for all expenses of all employees.

To prevent this, you should remove the line in the fee schedule that specifies the markup. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Projects > Settings > Billing Options tab and check the fee schedule assigned to the project.
  2. Now go to the Fee Schedules screen and open the detail view of the fee schedule in question.
  3. Under the Expenses tab, check for a line that says All Employees under Resource, All Expenses under Expense and 20% under Markup(%), and delete it.

The new expense entries for the project no longer show the 20% markup. If you also want to remove the markup from existing expense entries, use the Batch Update option on Markup in the Expense Entries screen and change it to zero. 

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