Handling multiple businesses in CORE

If you have two lines of business in the company, say civil engineering and telecom engineering, each team probably does things differently. For example, the civil engineers do not consider mileage as a billable expense to their clients, but the telecom engineers do. How does CORE handle this?

To begin with, you can set up separate projects or jobs for these two lines of business. You can also set up two separate sets of expense items and activity/service items. E.g., you could set up two types of mileage expenses - Civil Mileage (billable) and Telecom Mileage (non-billable). Then you can assign various employees (teams), expenses and activities to the projects using the project assignments feature. CORE also allows you to create groups and then you could assign those groups to the projects (say expense group).

You could create separate fee schedules and budgets for the two different departments or projects, depending on how you organize your businesses. You could also create two separate companies in CORE and run the two databases separately.

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