Sending retainer invoices to QuickBooks

How do I send my retainer invoice to QuickBooks Online so that I can send the payment over?

Retainer invoice is not an A/R transaction. Retainer invoices are the requests for advance money from the client and do not transfer over to QuickBooks Online. Retainer invoices are only sent to the client to request funds for the project. When you receive a retainer payment from a client, it hits your liability account. The actual receiving of the money, retainer payment, is what you can transfer over to QuickBooks Online along with the regular payments. So CORE transfers it to QuickBooks Online as a liability.

CORE can send the below payment types to QuickBooks Online when you sync your payments:

  • Retainer funds or payments received from customers
  • Retainers used on customer invoices

Check CORE Help Center for details.

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