Entering non-billable time for billable activities

If you want your employees to record time to a normally billable activity, but mark it as non-billable in a specific situation, say on a site visit, CORE does not allow the employees to uncheck the Billable option as such. You need to update the security settings of the employees on the site visit to be able to do so. This particular security permission is found under Time Entry: ‘Allow Change Billable’ in the Security screen.

If you do not want to change the security settings for something like this, the other option is to use a non-billable activity for such time entries. You can call it something like 'Site Visit Non-Billable' and uncheck the Billable box.

Creating non-billable version of activities and changing the user security are both good options. You can base the decision on a few considerations:

  1. How often does this happen? 
  2. Can you trust the employee with the responsibility? 
  3. What will creating an additional batch of non-billable codes do to your activity list? Giving too many choices can lead to confusion.

These things affect both the timekeeper's experience and the manager's review process.

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