Customizing zip or postal codes

In many CORE screens, it allows only 5 characters in the Zip/Country field. In Canada, users require 6 characters for their postal code. How can CORE handle Canadian postal codes?

One option is to select or enter the relevant postal code mask for the Zip field (under the Address drop-down) in the Settings > Display & Formatting > Custom Labels screen, say Canadian 6-digit format. All address fields in CORE will get updated accordingly and allow you to enter the relevant code.

However, if you deal with multi-national client base (say US, Canada, UK and Australia customers) and need to enter different zip/postal codes for them in the same CORE company, you can enter a generic format as a series of wildcards, say AAAAAAAAAA. You can mix and match formats like 'ABCDE12345' as well as '12345-6789' using the same mask. Wildcard characters allow you to use:

  • numbers or letters
  • dashes or spaces

Check CORE Help Center for details.

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