Export to LEDES from CORE

The LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) format is a standard file format used in the legal industry for the electronic exchange of information such as invoice data. It codifies a uniform data output from legal time-and-billing systems for export to electronic billing systems. The LEDES specifications are maintained by the LEDES Oversight Committee (LOC). By processing e-bills, companies save paper handling and processing costs. The LEDES format is basically used for conventional hourly billing but alternative billing arrangements are also handled. For example, in case of fixed-contract types, LEDES file can be prepared in various ways.

You can transfer your CORE invoices easily to the LEDES 1998B and 2000 XML ebilling formats as a text file. This helps the law firms using CORE to output bills in a format acceptable by the entire legal industry. The LEDES feature takes you step-by-step toward the completion of the invoice transfer from the CORE database to the LEDES export database.

When exporting invoices from CORE in the LEDES format, the employee classification (or title) is also exported along with the other data. For the proper transfer of classification, the Title field in the Employees screen or the Classification field in the Time Entries screen must use one of the following titles for which a corresponding LEDES export code exists. When no title or classification exists in CORE, OT is used as a placeholder for the LEDES format.

Code Title
PT Partner
AS Associate
OC Of Counsel
LA Legal Assistant
OT Other Timekeeper
SI Summer Intern
PL Paralegal
SE Secretary or Clerk
NP Non-Legal Professional

This is provided for information only and must not be used by the receiving application as a primary key for the employee. Most expense items do not have a classification associated with them.

Note: This feature is only available for the legal industry type. Check CORE Help Center for details.

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