Finding inactive records

You can change the status of various master records or profiles in CORE to active or inactive. Instead of deleting records, you can make them inactive. If you do so, CORE keeps their information, but removes them from the drop-down lists. You can make such inactive records active again at any time.

To find an inactive record:

  1. Open a CORE screen, say Employees screen from the main menu. 
  2. In the list view, click Filter.pngFilters on the right, above the grid.
  3. On the Filters panel, select Employee Status from the filter drop-down and choose Inactive.
  4. Click Apply Filter. Now you can see inactive employees in the grid list.
  5. If you want to change its status, select a record on the grid (inactive) and click its row to select View Detail.
  6. In the detail view, go to General > Details.
  7. Select the Active status from the drop-down and then click Save. You have changed the inactive employee record to active.

You can also change the status of records in a batch mode by selecting multiple records on the grid and using the Actions > Batch Update option.

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