Holding time entries for future billing

There may be instances where you want to hold or exclude specific time entries from an invoice. In Core, you can 'exclude' time entries from an invoice and bill them at a later date.

Follow the steps below to exclude time entries on your invoice.

  1. Open the Invoices screen and select the Create Batch Invoice mode.
  2. Set your filters to show the project whose time you want to hold and then continue.
  3. Click on the row action menu of the billing record and select Time Details.
  4. Check the boxes for the time entries that you want to hold and click Actions > Exclude.
  5. The selected time entries will be excluded from the current billing session. Click Save.
  6. Your Services column should reflect the changes made in the Time Entry Details screen. You can now process this invoice.
Note: Exclusion is for a single session only. If you close the Invoices screen and open it again, they will reappear next time. Also, to ensure these excluded time entries are included in your next billing cycle, make sure your “From” date is older than the date on these time entries.
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